GearTech Custom Paint specialise in paint-commissions for props, but recently have diversified into selling some ‘RIFs’ of their own. As such, we needed to make a website that not only demonstrated their past work (which is very numerous in quantity) but both accept new orders and be able to sell their existing stock.

We went with a custom integrated order form for clients to upload pictures of what they wanted worked on as well as which services they required so a quote could be more easily obtained. The eCommerce solution was a fairly diverse shop that’s now able to categorise and process orders with ease and no additional input from the staff running it – this dramatically cut down the amount of time required for staff members to process a single order. Finally a clean portfolio was utilised to demonstrate past work.

All of the work and items for sale were tied together in a dynamic front page that updates itself periodically so that no further input is required from staff on a regular basis.

Some additional work was done on the GearTech Custom Paint logo as well. See the following portfolio entry.